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What you should know about EFMP

  1. Form is used to screen family members for the EFMP program.
  2. The form includes information required by the Privacy Act of 1974.
  3. Completion of the form is mandatory for enrollment in the EFMP.

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How to prepare EFMP

Just click Get Form
Open the Da Form 7246 in a user-friendly editor and finish it with ease. The form is editable; hence, it could be modified to your certain requirements.
Complete the sample
Select a fillable area and enter the info needed. Do this for each place inside the file and put a digital signature if needed ultimately.
Click on DONE
Save edits by clicking the DONE option and deliver the form by electronic mail. There is also the Send via USPS feature, so that you can send out a paper version too.

About Da Form 7246

Da Form 7246 is a Personnel Data Sheet that is used by the United States Army to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on its personnel. This form contains personal information about the individual soldier as well as information on their unit, job description, and any special qualifications they may have. The form is required for all active duty soldiers, reserve or National Guard soldiers, and Army civilians. It is particularly important for soldiers who are deployed or assigned to other duty stations to maintain accurate information with the Army. The form is also used to update promotions, rank changes, and other important personnel records.

People also ask about EFMP

Are any family members currently receiving medical services from providers other than a general practitioner?
Yes, if so, please provide the name/address of the provider.
Have any family members been hospitalized in the past five years?
Yes, if so, please explain.
Are any family members taking prescribed medication on a regular basis?
Yes, you will have an opportunity to discuss this with a screener.

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Prevent information damage by e-submitting

It might typically happen that the Da Form 7246 delivered by post doesn't reach the recipient and gets lost. It sometimes takes up to a few months to reveal the loss and resubmit the form. Ok, if the information loss leads to time loss. But what if you have a due date for submission plus it was violated. The submitter might be exposed to charges. In this case, online record submission is a lot more protected. You fill out the form, click the submit button and it instantly gets to the recipient and prevents all of the needless risks.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing EFMP

Instructions and Help about EFMP

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